Our History


We are a NY based association of international deal-makers, attorneys & counselors at law. Specifically, we do extensive business in The Americas, Asia, Europe, The West Indies, and Africa. For decades, our offices were solely limited to Midtown Manhattan, NYC in the heart of its theatre/fashion district.

However, since our business has grown from a general practice firm, and now focuses mostly on global deals and transactional matters, we travel extensively on our clients` behalf, and have forgone the limitations of physical office spaces. We now conduct most of our business virtually: via sophisticated phone conferences bridges, video conferences, the Internet, emails and Instant messaging services; and when appropriate, at informal out of office settings (such as lunch & dinner meetings, entertainment & fashion studios, client events or business facilities visits throughout the world). In addition, through our mastery of technology, we have cut the colossal overhead costs that traditional law firms unnecessarily pay (especially for staff, paper and archaic office supplies) and share those saving benefits to our clients` delight. Indeed, we have found being “green” does save our clients tons of money and with our willingness to make special “house calls”, we give our clients much better access to us, especially compared to the traditional physical location law firms, who are tethered to their sites and have yet to adapt. We are proud to be the pioneers of this new 21st century style of personable but affordable lawyering and deal making, and look forward to spearheading the next generation of successful business owners and stars.

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